Write your Screenplay — Basic Tips

I’m currently writing a feature-length screenplay and I have some tips:
1. Trust the process, love the struggle, appreciate the hardship
2. Read “Story” by Robert McKee
3. Be passionate about your story!
4. If an idea pops up in your mind out of nowhere, this can mean you have a strong inner calling meaning that only YOU can tell this unique and excellent idea.
5. Often many stories are an exploration of the trials and tribulations of being a human being
6. You can also consider reading “The Art of War” by Steven Pressfield
7. Don’t settle for average. Aim extraordinarily high. Be more hard-hearted with yourself as a writer and an artist.
8. Write every day. Every day. Being a dedicated artist definitely means gathering the passion of doing the work even if you don’t feel like doing it.
9. Find your “Why?” | WHY are you telling this story?
10. Don’t think of awards…the real source of happiness comes internally. The real source of happiness is PROGRESS.

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