The Best Simple Habits to Fix Your Problems

Pritika Arjun Kumar
2 min readSep 4, 2022

If you’re a person struggling to manage your time and are facing hardships and challenges in life, there’s no need to stress. To help and guide you, I have listed some of the best ways that you can check out to improve yourself and enhance your lifestyle.

1. Planning

If you’re a person who struggles to manage things on time, it’s better to plan your day the night before. Get everything ready beforehand that you will need in the morning. In this way, you won’t be late to work, and getting ready in the morning will be much easier for you. You can make use of the high-performance planner that comes with the e-book.

2. Do the things that you have planned

No matter if any task takes 5 minutes or more, just do it. Try managing your time. As getting those simple tasks done prevents a lot of clutter because putting off things causes more stress in the long run. Therefore, do it first.

3. Have Non-negotiable

Here are some of the best negotiable

For the early morning

  • Try taking a 20-minute walk.
  • Try doing 10 min of meditation.
  • Avoid hot showers and opt for cold showers.
  • Write for 10 minutes every day.

For Night

  • Use your mobile an hour before bed.
  • No food 2 hours before bed.
  • Stretching.

4. Detox Social Media

Avoid too much screen time and keep track of the time when you indulge in your phone. The only best way is to keep a timer when you use your phone. Spend an hour without touching your phone or TV. Notice how much you enjoy it.

5. Create a morning ritual

Instead of waking up late in the morning, try waking up early. It will help you prepare for the day. You can also take time out for exercise or meditation. Trust me! The more you practice, the better your life gets.

The final verdict

Focus your time and energy on making yourself a better person and boosting your personality. These small tasks will definitely have a big impact on your life and maximize your productivity at the same time.

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